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Why pay more for your water, gas and electricity than you have to? We constantly compare the latest domestic & business utilities UK so you always get the best rates.

As experienced UK energy brokers we can access exclusive deals for your business

The best rates for business utilities UK companies can get are often not accessible as many suppliers simply won’t talk directly with clients. However, they will speak to us which means you get access to great exclusive deals that you won’t find anywhere else. What’s more, we do all the switching for you and we even keep a watchful eye on the market for your next deal.

Our Services


Finding you exclusive energy deals
for your commercial property.


Providing superb value for money on
your home utilities.


Seamless ‘hands-off’ switching from
great deal to great deal.

100% Dedicated to Lowering Your Bills

We exist to find the best possible energy deals for our business and domestic customers. We literally do not rest until we’re certain there isn’t a better deal anywhere else.

Our unique position in the market has allowed us to develop relationships with the major energy suppliers, meaning we can access best rates for business utilities UK companies can enjoy – with special deals that aren’t usually advertised.


How We Work


All Done For You

You don’t have to lift a finger.
Just sit back and let our team
work their magic.

Monitoring the Market

If we spot a better deal than
you’re on, we’ll switch you
and save you even more money.

20+ Years of Experience

We’ve saved thousands for
hundreds of business clients
over the years.


“Richard came to do a site visit early last year after viewing our water bills because of a huge inconsistency. We have 3 restaurant premises and we were paying extortionate amounts. The water company had said there was nothing wrong but Richard insisted he would take a look. Well, he’s worth his weight in gold because he found a leak that amounted to £10,000 and Richard claimed that back for us! Amazing, thank you!”


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Frequently Asked

What type of business needs energy brokers?

You can be any type or size of business to save money with us, from a small company with 1 property to a multi-corporation with properties all over the UK.

What's involved in a free energy evaluation?

Just 20 minutes of your time on the phone is all it takes to understand enough about your business needs. We know how busy you are and spending this small amount of time now will save you so much more it in the long-term.

Are you independent?

Yes, completely. If we can’t save you money or get the best deal for your business needs, then we’ll tell you. We are ethical and will always work with your best interests at heart.

Is there really no charge for your service?

That’s right – no charges or hidden costs at all! So it’s completely free to use us. We receive a commission from the supplier when you get connected, but this does not cost you anything and we’d never lean towards a particular company because of it. For us, it’s all about getting you the best possible dea.

Why should I choose you over a comparison website?

Deal comparison websites are *96.59% less likely to find you the cheapest energy deal because of many reasons, for example;

  • You may not be entering the correct details which means your deal may not actually cover your needs and you’ll end up paying over the odds
  • Terminology/jargon on these sites can get misunderstood, meaning you might choose the incorrect deal
  • They often recommend a particular deal based on the commission they get, not on whether it suits your needs

It also means the small suppliers get pushed out because they can’t afford to compete with the big energy suppliers.

Many clients we speak to don’t realise the small details that really matter.

*According to recent studies by Flipper